Top 3 Interest Free Catalogues

Want to purchase via catalogue? Don't want to deal with high interest rates? Well, these are the top 3 interest free catalogues to consider shopping with, where you won't pay interest, so long as you pay off the purchase total within the given introductory period.


With a great variety of clothing, shoes, men, women, and children's apparel and top name brand options, you can find it all with this catalogue. When you open a new account, applicants are offered an interest free period (typically up to 12 months).

Great financing options, and repayment options are offered beyond this period as well. And, low, variable interest options are available beyond the initial period, making online catalogue shopping affordable.


This catalogue also offers up to 12 months interest free financing upon opening a new account, or for current card holders, who spend a certain amount when placing an order. As long as your order is higher than 399 pounds when ordering items on the site, you won't incur interest payments if the total is paid off within the first year.

Additionally, low financing options are offered beyond this period, and for lower purchase totals as well.


Perhaps the most well-known catlaogues, this site carries an extensive line of clothing for all fashion styles. Footwear, dresses, gifts, and a wide range of sizes, for any body type, can be found via this catalogue company. And, zero percent interest options are afforded to certain customers.

Interest free credit purchases are offered on a number of the items in their catalogue. So you don't have to be a new customer in order to receive interest free terms.


There are others, but these are some of the top rated catalogues, and those which offer low purchase price, interest free financing to their customer base. Credit provided subject to successful credit and affordability checks.

Top Tips

If you've already been rejected for credit it's normally best to wait awhile before you re-apply elsewhere.

Always compare different catalogues and stores to find the best prices.

Always read the terms and conditions in full and understand exactly how much you'll have to pay back.

Useful Info

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