Fridge Freezers on Finance

If you want to order a new fridge freezer but don't have the cash to pay for the item upfront, you could spread the cost by paying weekly or monthly on the purchase when you order from a credit store.

Some stores also offer buy now pay later on fridge freezers with interest free credit, although those people who had a bad credit rating or even no credit history whatsover might find it more difficult to get accepted.

Here are two of the best catalogues to order a fridge freezer from, as well as tips for buying a fridge freezer from a catalogue.


Grattan is one of the longest-running catalogue companies in the UK, having first started operations in 1912. Since then, the company has garnered a loyal group of customers and today specialises in a wide range of products, including clothes and electrical items.

With more than 2,600 employees and two main catalogues (as well as various speciality catalogues), Grattan is the preferred choice for many shoppers, known for its range of customer service and delivery options.

The company sells fridges and freezers from a number of high-profile brands and allows you to spread the cost of your payment over time. You will be able to apply for a new credit account online and should receive a decision about your application in a few minutes in the majority of cases.

You can then choose from hundreds of items in their online store. Just use the landing page to get started, where you'll find the hottest new offers and promotions, or use the search feature to access different product pages with specifications and delivery options. Once you have chosen a fridge freezer, and been accepted for a credit account, you can make monthly repayments using a number of different methods.


Freemans is another popular catalogue company, known for its range of clothes. However, the retailer also stocks electrical items and kitchen essentials like fridge freezers, which are available in various sizes. You will be able to apply for a new credit account online and then order from their online store. Other features include home delivery and a returns policy.

Once you have ordered a fridge freezer, you will be able to make repayments over the phone or by logging into your personal account on the Freemans website. You can also contact a member of staff if you have a query about your account or need some more information. To help you manage your account, you'll receive a statement from the company every month in the post with your credit limit and order history.


Not sure which fridge freezer to buy? Check out third-party reviews from customers who have previously purchased a product before you go any further.

Watch out for warranties! You'll want to make sure that your fridge freezer is protected by a warranty in case it becomes damaged. Always check the small print before you place an order.

Top Tips

If you've already been rejected for credit it's normally best to wait awhile before you re-apply elsewhere.

Always compare different catalogues and stores to find the best prices.

Always read the terms and conditions in full and understand exactly how much you'll have to pay back.

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