Cookers on Finance

Buying a new cooker? If so, the option to finance this purchase through catalogue shopping is a great way to pay down the balance, as opposed to having to come up with the full amount up front. Many catalogues and online stores offer buy now pay later on cookers or even spread the cost such as pay weekly or pay monthly payment plans. So, what should you look for in a cooker?

First off, consider top name brands such as Beko, Hotpoint, Indesit and Zanussi. Not only will they outlast lesser known brand names, they are also going to outperform lower quality models. You will also need to consider whether you have a gas or electric line hookup.

Additionally, make sure you have sufficient space for the cooker you are shopping for, determine whether to buy a single or double cooker, and make sure you understand the settings, power options, and features. Further, make sure you know where to buy, and consider the below catalogues when time comes to purchase.


It is not only one of the most reputable, it is a place where you can finance nearly anything, including cookers. The store offers zero financing options on purchase of over £400.

They offer low APR rates, variable rates, no deposit required at time of purchase, and personalised lines of credit, typically starting around 750 pounds for most customers.

Free delivery is included with orders, a zero percent annual rate allows you to shop as much or as little as you choose, without having to pay fees or penalties for owning the card either.


This is another great place to shop for your new cooker. With buy now, pay later, zero deposit required, you can take home your new cooker, and use it for some time, before ever having to make a single payment on it.

With weekly payments their financing options are fairly affordable. With weekly payments and no down payment required, it truly is affordable to finance the purchase of your new cooker.

Further, the catalogue carries all reputable name brands, and a wide variety of gas and electric cookers to choose from.


No matter what type of cooker you are shopping for, you might not have the means to come up with the full purchase price up front. If this is the case, when the time comes to purchase, consider the option of financing with these great UK catalogue merchants for your new cooker.

Top Tips

If you've already been rejected for credit it's normally best to wait awhile before you re-apply elsewhere.

Always compare different catalogues and stores to find the best prices.

Always read the terms and conditions in full and understand exactly how much you'll have to pay back.

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